3 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads

How effective have your Facebook ads been? Effective Facebook ads leverage on a couple of important things

    1. How much you can spend.
    2. How well you can optimize your audience. 

The use of Facebook advertising during COVID-19 is up by _____. Which begs the question, are your ads performing because they are well executed or is it simply you’ve gotten lucky?

Let’s take a look.

What we know about Facebook ads is that they 

    • Are ppc advertising 
    • Only reaching people on Facebook 
    • Offer you an ad spend as low as $5/day
    • Are considered well performing at the price per click if $0.05-$0.10 cents per click.
    • Are getting more traction right now because traffic has doubled on the platform…so your audience might be there.

Knowing these, what could you do to improve your advertising to make it more effective? 

Here are three things to think about…but don’t take my word on it, here are three industry leaders that talk all about it.

Effective Facebook Ads Aren’t Just On Facebook 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, steal away 33% of users’ online time. To succeed as an online advertiser, catching the audience on the sites they spend most of their time on is crucial. Internet users offer one-third of their daily lives to social media and by using this as a channel for advertising, most businesses are sure to reap the benefits. (IAmWire)

Sooooo….. What about the other ⅔ of time people are online? BINGO! Even though people are on social platforms about a ⅓ of the time, doesn’t mean that is the only place they are. So the lesson here is that advertising on Facebook is a good idea but it is only one part of the overall strategy. 

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Effective Facebook Ads Should Follow The User Not The Platform 

Since 2015, programmatic advertising has grown from $17.50 billion to an estimated $45.72 billion by 2019. These totals make programmatic advertising account for two-thirds of digital display advertising. Smart advertisers are taking notice and switching to display advertising. Programmatic advertising has become the most appealing choice for those who are creating an online ad campaign. (TheeDigital)

When you use programmatic marketing,  you are able to reach your customers digitally wherever they are online.

Think of it this way…

You go to Amazon to shop for a new printer.  You didn’t buy it. Then shortly after you start seeing the ad for this printer across apps, websites, search engines and social platforms. For days, sometimes weeks, you see this product. This is programmatic, intent-based marketing.

Instead of funneling all your funds into Facebook, put it where it counts

Effective Facebook Ads Can Cost Less

Between 2015 to 2016, budgets for online display advertisements increased from 33% to 44% in one year. This growing trend has been consistent in the usage of banner ads and the importance of their allotted space in marketing budgets. In contrast to the rising popularity of native ads, another digital marketing tool, banner ads are still an effective marketing strategy even though native ads are viewed up to 53% more often than banner ads. Evolving is crucial in the online advertising business however some marketing techniques, like display ads, are a proven dependable part of online marketing. (Medium)

Stop wasting your time on trying to get to your customers through Facebook ads only. Your message can be more effective now and in the future by spreading the message far and wide, beyond just Facebook – why don’t you get out there into the rest of the world wide web, your people are waiting for you.. 

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