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Since moving to the area more than 30 years ago, the Szpatura’s have become part of both the business and residential community. Although the Chesapeake Bay lifestyle attracted Ron to Annapolis, he also had fond memories of many other places his company expanded into. With markets opening in Miami, Charlotte, Chicago, Philadelphia, and others in the past few quarters, Landmarks Digital has grown exponentially since moving into the digital arena.

The move into digital advertisement has been rapid and productive. The ability to create bottom-line results for clients has been refreshing. In addition, business owners more easily justify their advertising investment. When a client knows they are getting hundreds of thousands of market Impressions on the fastest growing media in history (mobile devices), they continue to spend money when quality clicks turn into bottom-line returns on investment dollars.

Our transition into digital marketing began several years ago, as we embraced the new benefits; intent-market research, precise targeting, traceability, and returns to our clients that digital marketing provided. Located in Annapolis, MD. We have a dedicated training and support staff to assist your growth and success.

Beyond digital are even broader opportunities Landmarks has expanded we target marketing to market segments like new movers and people celebrating birthdays with our new partnership with Celebration marketing.

Currently based in Pompano Beach, Florida there are very ambitious plans to accelerate growth.

Words of wisdom and company strategy —  Ron recalls being schooled that in business you have two choices: 1) be a Victim of Change or 2) be an Agent of Change. Change creates winners and losers. We want to be on the winning side by being an Agent of Change.

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