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“Be genuine. Be remarkable. Be worth connecting with.”- Seth Godin

Want to Make Your Move?

Interview with Steve Kon

Ron discusses with Steve Kon his fast start and early success with Landmarks Digital.

Why Work With Landmarks?

Reach the rest of the internet with Landmarks Digital Display. Harness the power of customer intent to deliver your ads to the right people wherever they might be across hundreds of thousands of domains and apps.


Serve ads to people browsing for your products and services.


Unstructured Data means more relevant data is used to deliver your ads to people looking for you.


Landmarks Geofences the world’s largest boat show, the Annapolis Boat Show, 3 years running.


US digital display-ad spend is expected to top $27 billion  this year. 72% will come from programmatic.


Get the Best Return on Investment technology can provide. Let’s talk results.


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  • Successful background in sales, or
  • Will consider those without experience that have the necessary fundamentals.


  • Be an ambitious, motivated, detail-oriented individual 
  • Identify business opportunities and prospects through networking, strategic research and analysis.
  • Consistently fill and maintain an active sales pipeline.
  • Sell services by establishing contact and nurturing relationships with prospects.


Landmarks Digital is a division of Landmarks Marketing, Inc. Our Digital Marketing growth is unsurpassed for the industry. Join us for our free seminars to learn more about how you can transition into the high-growth digital arena with us. Free training is available. Email us at or call 410-263-1722 to schedule an interview.


  • Competitive compensation.
  • Equity opportunities available.
  • Training provides IAB credit, an invaluable certification in the digital sales field.

Wake Up!

On average, a person will go through 12 career changes in their lifetime, which equates to switching specialties every 3 to 5 years. Sometimes changing careers is for personal fulfilment, other times it is out of need because of a changing industry. The main difference is whether you want to effectively position yourself to be an agent of change or a victim of change.

Digital Sales careers are at their peak, estimated to grow at 9% or greater by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. By 2020, 150,000 digital jobs are predicted and there are not nearly enough people to fill them. This year Ryanair created 200 digital jobs, many of which were digital marketing positions. LinkedIn is soon set to double its workforce to 1200 staff and Microsoft plans to hire 100 additional digital graduates.

Increase your value, secure your specialty, and become one of the most hotly desired consultants in the workforce.

So if you want to be an agent of change instead of a victim, find out more about Landmarks upcoming training in Digital Marketing with a strong emphasis on Programmatic Advertising.

“[M]ore than two-thirds of US digital display ad spending is programmatic and mobile programmatic ad revenues account for 43% of US mobile display-related ad revenue in 2018, up from only a 6% share in 2013.”


“By 2020, US advertisers will transact nearly $69 billion in US digital display ad spending programmatically, accounting for 86.3% of the digital display pie.” 10/11/18


“Two-thirds (65%) of digital media ad spend will be programmatic in 2019, equal to $84bn and up 19% year on year from the $70bn spent this year. By 2020, advertisers are predicted to spend $98bn on programmatic advertising…”