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How Do We Serve You?

We simplify your digital marketing, plain and simple. Landmarks is proud to work with our local business partners to produce bottom line results with their marketing dollars. Nearly any type of business can benefit from Landmarks’ intent-based targeting and campaign management, and many continue past their original campaign because of the incredible results.

Intent Based Marketing

What is intent based marketing? Intent-based marketing defines who is browsing for your products and services. Using unstructured data, Landmarks searches the billions of internet transactions daily to find who is looking for only your type of service and delivers your ad to those people.  Whether using keywords that identify your products or competitor’s products or contextual sites people are browsing, intent-based marketing ensures that only people interested in your products are served your ads.

Geofencing Technology

How does geofencing help you market what you sell? In order to get more customers from your competitors, we utilize the most advanced location-based mobile advertising technology for targeting users based on specific geographic areas. Landmarks’ geofence technology enables advertisers and marketers to customize audiences through custom targeting shapes with precise and accurate data. Incomparable scalability, pinpoint accuracy, and granular localization allows you to leverage targeted campaigns only to customers within a predetermined physical proximity to your business. 

Access to Unstructured Data

Our platform provides up to 750 million users to target at any given time and collects 30 terabytes of timestamped data per day, including 1.4 billion keyword activities and 3 billion GPS-location activities. This shows an intent on a per-user basis as opposed to generalizing intent by segment. With Landmarks’ access to unstructured data as opposed to pre-packaged segments, every data element is visible. This enables advertisers and marketers to target customers at a far more accurate and granular level, making their campaigns more effective.

No Hidden-strings Costs

Leverage your potentially expensive PPC keywords list into a no-cost tactical targeting tool with our search tactic. Utilize our tracking and retargeting pixels to provide better transparency in validating conversions beyond clicks in a single platform. Experience unparalleled customer support before, during, and after your campaign flight with the ability to modify tactics, terms, and other data points over and above the optimization our AI provides, drawing on the hundreds of thousands of other campaigns run through the platform each month.

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