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Franchise Case Study: Geo-Fencing and Search Retargeting Strategy Drive 235% Lift in Foot Traffic

See how Landmarks Digital drove increased store visits and a high CTR of .21% (nearly double the industry average) for our client, a nationally franchised sandwich shop.


The franchise industry has seen robust growth for the last seven years in a row – generating over $400 billion for the U.S. economy (International Franchise Association 2017). It’s an exciting industry in which to be a marketer today. However, given the nature of the business, advertisers who oversee the marketing strategy for a franchised multilocation brand face a unique set of challenges not regularly encountered in other industries.

Typically, marketing spend is focused on programs that raise national brand awareness across traditional and digital channels, but multilocation brands often hit a snag when it comes to scaling their localized marketing. Franchise locations are spread out across the country, which complicates things for marketers who want to advertise effectively to each local market’s unique audience.

A franchised sandwich shop with locations around the country faced this exact challenge: They needed a solution that would enable their marketing efforts to reach local audiences in a way that would benefit each unique location.


The franchise marketer utilized Landmarks Digital’s Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zone technology to target neighborhoods and businesses located near each sandwich shop. Landmarks set up individual geo-fences to target those locations by delivering targeted ads aimed to entice potential customers to have lunch at the sandwich shop. Since the buying cycle for food is very short, instant recency of the ads was imperative to successfully increase in-store visits.

Nearby restaurants and diners of each location were identified as competitors and were set up by Landmarks to be geo-fenced. Conversion Zones were then set up around each sandwich shop to track the amount of physical traffic at their location that had previously seen one of their mobile ads after visiting a competitor location or a nearby neighborhood or business. From there, Landmarks Digital’s reporting capabilities allowed us to report on results by Conversion Zones, giving the advertiser additional insight into which competitor locations were driving the most customers to the various sandwich shops.

Additionally, search retargeting for each sandwich shop location was set up to assist the geo-fencing efforts by targeting those searching for related keywords. Landmarks Digital’s ability to access the CTRs of each keyword search result mid-flight allowed the advertiser to optimize the campaign by adding and removing keywords in real time.


Thanks to Landmarks Digital’s ability to successfully localize ad buys and conquest competitor restaurants as well as local neighborhoods and businesses with custom-shaped geo-fences, the campaign generated incredible results and exceeded all campaign goals.

In the first two months of the campaign, the franchise saw a 235% lift in foot traffic across all of their stores. This increase reflects the percent difference between users who visited a Conversion Zone after being delivered an ad and those who naturally visited a Conversion Zone without being delivered an ad after being seen in a target zone. Additionally, the campaign delivered a 0.21% CTR, nearly doubling the industry average.

With the multilocation franchise brand seeing such great results, they are working with their marketing agency and Lanmarks to create an even stronger strategy for their localized marketing initiatives for each of their franchise locations in 2018.

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