Family Law Attorney

This 6 month campaign delivered over 145,000 impressions to local audiences and produced at least 2 confirmed new clients for the attorney.


Landmarks Digital was tasked with isolating potential customers in the market for legal assistance across a wide range of demographics and geographical areas for our client. With audience members looking for a diverse set of legal services, Landmarks needed to narrow down intent to the services prioritized by the client.


Landmarks analyzed the client’s potential market and selected parameters most likely to filter out desired audiences using a variety of tactics including Keyword Search, GeoOptimization, and GeoFencing. Our multivariate algorithms further qualified the audience initially targeted by optimizing the campaign daily towards parameters that had performed well previously.


Over a 6 month campaign, Landmarks was able to provide the client an overall click rate of 0.19%, over 3 times the display ad average, delivering nearly 300 users to their website and tracking 44 in-person visits to the client’s legal offices from the GeoFences used throughout the campaign.

What We Learned

Keyword search and Geofencing proved the most successful targeting elements of this campaign and the data gleaned from individual audience results allowed us to continually adjust and optimize our targeting parameters.

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