C is for “Conversions”

C is for Conversions. The holy grail. Bottom-line results or as close as technology can get to it. Conversions are most broadly defined as “trackable actions after the click.”

Depending on the setup of the client’s website, this can be anything from an eCommerce sale, a form submission for leads, a ‘click-to-call-now’ button press, physical walk-in, and more. From conversions, and with additional data from the client like close rate, average lifetime value of a new customer, and frequency of repeat business, we can combine those post-conversion variables into an expected ROI for the client – at least for the tangible benefits of programmatic marketing (more on that another time).


Learn More About Conversions

What Is A Conversion?

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Conversion Types

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Increase Your Conversion Rate

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Have Questions About Getting More Conversions?

If you have a question about how this works and want to learn more about it , reach out and let us know. We’re here to help you succeed!