F is for “Frequency Cap”

F is for Frequency Cap. Similar to Pacing, frequency capping is a way to control how many impressions a user will receive over a certain time frame.

For example, a frequency cap of 4 impressions per 24 hours means that a single device will have the opportunity to receive up to 4 impressions per day as the user navigates websites and apps with programmatic spaces. This cap can be adjusted (as with an unimaginable number of other delivery settings) and is an element of how we ensure that users are not only consistently messaged, but a way to prevent all of a client’s impressions from being spent unevenly throughout the campaign.


Learn More About Frequency Caps

Understanding Frequency Capping

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Determine Optimal Frequency Caps

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Frequency Capping Best Practices

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Have Questions About Frequency Capping?

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