Jewelry Store Leverages the Power of GeoFencing

A local jewelry store was looking to increase brand awareness with a focus on specific product offerings, and to improve their programmatic advertising performance. They enlisted the help of Landmarks to utilize new geo-fencing technology with the goal of driving showroom walk-ins from competitors.


With other marketing channels in place, Landmarks Digital was challenged to show the effectiveness of a single-tactic campaign and gather offline targets through GeoFencing.


The advertiser identified the physical locations of several competitors and Landmarks built a geo-fence around each location to target competitors’ customers. With quick learning from the campaign launch, Landmarks and our multivariate algorithms optimized the campaign by fine-tuning impression delivery to locations that produced results. Providing the client with frequent reporting of individual locations creating recorded walk-ins allowed the Landmarks team to adjust the campaign focus on the fly and gave the client more control over their individual targeting tactics.


With a strong GeoFencing strategy and on-the-spot optimizations, Landmarks achieved a CTR of .16%, over 300 recorded geo-fencing conversions, and a Geo-Lift of 217%.

What We Learned

Over the 3-month campaign, Landmarks Digital discovered several different ways to utilize GeoFencing and analyze the offline data it provided to strengthen the campaign and provide results exceeding the client’s expectations.

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