M is for “Mobile Device”

M is for Mobile Device.

32 Million Impressions.

480 TRILLION pixels, at least.

That’s the amount of mobile ad impressions delivered in the past 15 months by Landmarks Digital. That averages out to over 70,000 impressions PER DAY to mobile devices alone.

Since we break out tablets from the equation, our definition of mobile devices essentially means cell phones and certain minibooks. These are devices that have such widespread reach and use that it is impossible to consider a marketing strategy without placing a mobile strategy in the forefront. Either through the mobile web using a web browser app or through individual apps themselves (I’m terrible at Words with Friends, but happy to take anyone here on), the amount of mobile inventory has been climbing exponentially for years. 

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re discouraging 69% of your potential audience, at least, and that number grows each day. With the ability to call to convert, text to convert, and maximize your eCommerce, focusing on a mobile marketing strategy has to be your first stop in crafting when considering your digital marketing spend.


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