N is for “Native Advertising”

N is for Native Advertising.

Native advertising is a way to programmatically place content on a publisher’s (the page owner’s) website in a way that mirrors the native content already in place. If a page displays news articles with an image and snippet of that article’s text as a preview, we can place an advertiser’s message next to it in the same format. We’re able to do this by submitting all the separate elements of an ad – i.e. image, copy, headline – separately, and then instead of serving the user a single pre-created ad, the site will assemble our elements to mirror the specifications of content on the page.

Native advertising is a way to create ad space and display those ads without looking like an ad itself. Some users will subconsciously avoid ads themselves, and Native Advertising is a way to reach audiences that might not otherwise notice standards ad space.


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What Is Native Advertising?

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Native Advertising Examples

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More About Native Advertising

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