Events and Catering Venue

Over the course of 3 months, the restaurant had over 350,000 impressions delivered on its behalf by Landmarks Digital, and recorded over 80 in-store visits from its target audience.


Landmarks Digital was tasked by our client to promote its events and catering facilities to local audiences, as well as its arcade services. With a narrower audience than traditional dining services, the challenge was to fund potential customers specifically interested in these two services offered by our client.


Landmarks Digital worked closely with the client to craft clear creative with a strong call to action, as well as using location and keyword-based targeting to draws customers in to the client’s website and physical location.


The campaign produced over 700 website visits during the 3 month campaign, as well as 87 offline conversions counted as people entering the client’s physical location through our conversion zones.

What We Learned

By GeoFencing competitors offering the specific services promoted by the client, as well as a highly detailed keyword search list, the campaign was able to drive a highly focused audience into further action online and offline.

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