What Is The Difference Between Lead Generation, a Lead Magnet and Lead Nurturing?

These three marketing terms are not the same thing but all play a vital and important part in marketing. To understand the differences between these, it’s as simple as defining what they are.

Understanding Lead Generation: Lead generation is exactly what it sounds like – it is the process of how a business generates leads or how to grab the attention of a customer.

Understanding Lead Magnets: A lead magnet is a small giveaway, free ebook, guide, etc. that a business offers to customers in exchange for their email or other contact information. A lead magnet is a tool that helps a business capture potential customers so they can be retargeted and continue to be marketed to.

Understanding Lead Nurturing: Once a potential lead becomes a lead, you will need to nurture them until they become a customer. Typically businesses nurture their leads through a sales funnel. Lead nurturing can be in the form of sending emails, retargeting them on social media or actually calling a potential customer to follow up with them.

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