Tutoring Service – Education

A local tutoring service was looking to promote back-to-school promotional offerings. They enlisted the help of Landmarks to more precisely target their intended audience with the goal of achieving a .1% CTR.


Without targeting students themselves, Landmarks Digital was challenged to find parents of a certain income level in very specific communities to deliver the client’s messaging to.


The Landmarks team developed a comprehensive strategy of search retargeting at the keyword level, category contextual targeting and site retargeting. With quick learning from the campaign launch, Landmarks and our multivariate algorithms were able to make mid-flight optimizations to improve performance, including fine-tuning keywords, adjusting creative mid-flight, and refining geographical targeting.


Through multiple tactics and post-launch optimizations, Landmarks was able to achieve a CTR of .23% over the last 12 months of the campaign, exceeding the client’s goal.

What We Learned

Through analyzing demographic data returned from initial targeting, Landmarks Digital was able to find new patterns in intent-based traffic across two defined geographies.

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