What Is 1st Party Data?

This article is going to outline for you how 1st party data is used for programmatic advertising. There is a lot of jargon in the world of marketing and advertising so I’m going to spend this article talking about what 1st party data is and how it’s used for programmatic marketing. 

What Is 1st Party Data

First party data is, quite simply, data you capture based on the actions someone makes when interacting with your business. This could be a user filling out a sign up form on your website – i.e. name, address, phone number; it could be the online and offline purchasing transactions your customers make – i.e. what types of products or services they purchased from you; or it could be as simple as gathering information about how users interacted with your website – i.e. how they arrived at your site, what pages they went to, how long they spent on those pages, etc.

We can use this type of data for remarketing. For example, when a user leaves your site without making the action you intended them to, we would advertise to them using a tactic known as Site Retargeting.

For Site Retargeting, you add a piece of code to your website, sometimes referred to as a pixel. Every time a new visitor comes to your site, a small file called a cookie is downloaded onto their computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Cookies let us identify someone who has visited your site wherever they go on the web so we can serve ads to these users in a different context online and be confident that your ads are only served to those people who have previously visited your site.

Examples Please? You Got It!

Here are just a few other examples of ways that we can use 1st party data:

Social retargeting – Social sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to retarget people from your site in a social context. Both platforms display your retargeting ads as native advertising, so it can be very valuable in reaching your audience in the proper context.

Video advertising – We can use 1st party data to show video ads to your audience, which can be an incredible conversion tool. Tying first party data into your video strategy can help bring audience members who left your site back into the sales funnel.

You can also buy 1st party data from websites in order to market to those audiences. (B2C)

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