Why You Need to Use Intent-Based Marketing During COVID-19


Marketing your business right now might just be the way you’re going to save it.


Because, time is of the essence for so many businesses right now. In fact, many of our clients are experiencing many of the same things day in and day out that businesses across the world are. As a source of information and updates, we are working to get you the information you need in an effective and timely manner.  The time to market your business is right now. 

Whatever you do, don’t slow down! And here’s some reasons why.


Why You Need To Continue To Market Your Business During This Pandemic

First and foremost, there are a lot of benefits to using intent-based marketing right now. The main reason is that people are not out picking up papers, opening junk mail, etc. They are going directly to social platforms, search engines, news outlets, their favorite websites, etc. In fact, there are now 8x more people online right now because of stay at home orders.

How does this help you? Let’s explore that.


Deliver Impressions to The Right People

Increase Reach, Conversions and Let Them Know You’re OPEN!

  1. Real time data and insights

Being an automated platform, intent-based marketing purchases specific digital advertising space in real time. As well as buying in real time, programmatic gathers and analyses data. Advertisers can draw insights and adjust ads accordingly whilst a campaign is running, improving its effectiveness.

This not only helps advertisers communicate with their consumer in a directly unique way, but importantly gives them a deeper, first-hand understanding of their target audience. 

  1. Transparency

Advertising space is purchased through automation and efficiently targets advertisers’ most valuable customers. This can cover specific factors such as buying patterns, browsing habits, brand loyalty and even the consumer’s choice of device.  

What programmatic can offer, unlike traditional advertising, is a greater level of transparency. Advertisers can track what sites their advertisements are reaching, any costs which may be associated and view the consumer who is looking at the ad, all in real time through the data it collects.

There is no lack of information or unknown. Advertisers are able to track all of their ads to see if it is a success or adjust accordingly to ensure impressions are effective.   

  1. Increased reach

Programmatic advertising offers growth in potential reach. Roughly around 3.5 billion people across the globe surf the internet daily and through programmatic, advertisers have complete access to ad inventory, reaching increasing numbers around the world.

Not only is the impending scope for a desired audience huge, advertisers are able to track any potential reach instantly and work with this information to get a real picture of how effective their ads are. 

  1. Efficiency

Simply put, programmatic advertising ensures advertisers no longer have to wait until a campaign is finished to establish the end result. As an automated platform, programmatic becomes an extremely efficient way of analysing data in real time.

Advertisers can see programmatic advertising has the intelligence to constantly monitor and display the measure of performance, developing a faster and more effective campaign. 

  1. Relevant impressions  

Programmatic advertising allows advertisers to explore an array of opportunities which were not possible when ad placements were purchased manually.

At its most proficient level, programmatic advertising creates a more efficient and cost-effective process of purchasing digital advertising space, enabling advertisers to pay only for relevant impressions. This means that advertisers have flexibility with their ads, buying digital ad space across publishers whilst minimizing costs.

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