Boat Dealer Prospects Water-bound Audiences

A regional boat dealer was looking to target individuals who are interested in boating, water sports, fishing and related activities and who are likely to be in the market to purchase a boat. They enlisted the help of Landmarks to utilize new geo-fencing technology and several other programmatic advertising tactics to more effectively reach their audience and drive up their CTR.


In order to reach the desired audience, Landmarks Digital would have to find devices and users shown to be sailors through evidence of spending some time off shore.


Landmarks and the advertiser developed a comprehensive strategy of geo-fencing, keyword search retargeting, site retargeting, and mobile geo-optimization. The client identified several key locations to reach their target audience, such as competitor dealerships, local boat shows, and establishments with dockside service. The Landmarks team built geo-fences to target individuals who visited those locations. After campaign launch, Landmarks and our multivariate algorithms worked to further optimize the campaign mid-flight by adjusting keywords and the frequency cap.


Landmarks was been able to deliver a .23% CTR and recorded over 80 online and offline conversions throughout the campaign.

What We Learned

Landmarks Digital was able to leverage the power of non-conventional targeting and used GeoFencing to acquire audiences not constrained to roads or buildings, and instead was able to use new technology to target water-based locations.

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