5 Way to Celebrate Your Clients for the 4th of July

How To Celebrate Your Clients


Celebrating your clients is one of the most wonderful ways to build lasting client relationships. This Fourth of July why not do something special for them. We’ve put together a list of 5 ideas you can totally steal from us to celebrate your clients and build some winning, rewarding and lasting relationships.


#1 SEND A HANDWRITTEN CARD. We love the idea of handwritten cards because frankly, no one hardly goes the extra mile anymore to do it. Send something festive and remind them in the note inside with something like, “It’s because of clients like you that I get to celebrate being an INDEPENDENT business owner. Happy Independence Day!”


#2 HIGHLIGHT A VETERAN OWNED BUSINESS. We have our veterans and active military to thank for all the freedoms we have today. Take a moment to spotlight one of your clients that is veteran and thank them in your newsletter, on social media, on a blog post, etc.


#3 VISIT YOUR CLIENTS AND GIVE THEM SMALL AMERICAN FLAGS. Not only does a personal visit show you care (of course, use social distancing practices, wash hands and stay safe) but it also gives you the opportunity to check in and say hello to them. 


#4 HOST A SOCIALLY DISTANT BBQ/COCKTAIL PARTY. Invite your clients and ask them to join you to meet and greet your other clients, have fun, watch the fireworks, mix and mingle.


#5 HOST A ‘GLOW REVIEW’ BONANZA! Ask your customers to leave a review for you on Google or Facebook and you can return the favor. Support each other through positive reviews and take a few minutes to share the reviews of your company. Your client’s can do the same!



As with all group gatherings, make sure you check your local regulations and practice safe social distancing. Check out the CDC website for some awesome graphics like this one below!

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