Conversion Pixels Explained

What is a conversion pixel or what is also known as a tracking pixel? This new term for digital marketing seems to be all the buzz lately because it’s so effective at targeting consumers. Why? Because it allows you to show your products and services to people who are looking at what you offer.

No joke.

Sounds too good to be true, right? I thought the same thing until I learned how they work, why they are so effective and how to use them to find new customers. I won’t spend a lot of time here trying to convince you. Instead find out what others are saying about this amazing technology.

What tracking pixels are and why they matter to your next digital ad campaign?

When users take a certain action – visiting a site, opening emails, viewing your digital ad, etc. – they send a request to the server to download the tracking pixel attached to the content they’re interacting with. It’s an invisible process to the user but the data collected can help brands build better digital ad and content experiences for consumers. (Digitaland) Read More.

Cookies, Tags and Pixels – Tracking Customer Engagement

​One of the frequently asked questions about the “plumbing” that enables the multi-touch attribution (MTA) process to function is how individual users are tracked. How does a multi-touch attribution solution recognize that it was the same person who saw a Wall Street Journal display ad on their laptop yesterday, viewed an ad on their smartphone yesterday, arrived on a website by way of a search click on their desktop today, and then subsequently purchased? ​This is accomplished by stringing together a chronologically ordered list of all of the marketing touchpoints to which an individual user was exposed. (Nielson) Read More.

What Is A Tracking Pixel?

In the digital marketing world, you hear the words “tracking pixel” or just “pixel” thrown around a lot, often times without any context as to what the heck it is. So, before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s start with the basics… Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and an ad shows up for something you were literally just talking about? Weird, right? While Facebook isn’t actually reading your mind (yet), they are using what we call a tracking pixel. (Digital Marketer) Read More.