Plastic Surgery

Over the course of 3 months and nearly 750,000 impressions, our associates in the plastic surgery industry utilized a blend of targeting tactics, creative, and landing pages to uncover intent-based targets in and around the Metropolitan DC Area.


The client wanted to drive interest and online traffic to their website in order to create leads and appointments for a variety of services including augmentation, facial rejuvenation, and body sculpting services while leaving their own site unaltered to preserve the experience of existing patients.


Landmarks Digital, in close cooperation with the client, devised unique strategies and parameters for each of the client’s services to be promoted. These ranged from altering specific GeoFenced targets, keywords, and GeoOptimized zones, as well as crafting unique landing pages for the client to isolate and track campaign traffic.


After 3 months and nearly 750,000 impressions, Landmarks Digital was able to drive over 1,200 landing page visits for the 3 services promoted, as well as recording over 50 actions after the click consisting of further engagement with the client’s main site and click-to-call opportunities. The campaign was able to improve brand awareness and succeeded in the goal of website traffic and conversion opportunities.

What We Learned

Landmarks Digital was able to delivery a successful campaign without altering the client’s website and applied a variety of solutions to work around off-site delivery and tracking including the use of Analytics to record and optimize conversion events in real-time.

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