O is for “Organic Search”

O is for Organic Search.

Websites record several different types of inbound traffic when recorded each visit. There is referral (from another site or adserver), direct (typing the url directly into the address bar), and organic, along with others. In the ever-present quest for better attribution, these categories define the makeup of a website’s incoming visitors.

Organic traffic occurs when people make a search for a product or service and get to a company’s website through a natural listing (as opposed to a PPC or placed Search Engine ad). But let’s consider what makes a person search for a company and reach their site? There are a few factors such as great SEO and a clear snippet on the search page. But what made them initiate the search initially? Did it come to them in a dream that they needed something? Perhaps, but would it also be likely that they have been continually presented with said product, service, or solution throughout their previous web journey?

While the technology is not there YET to track organic traffic that can be attributed to a programmatic campaign, a large enough programmatic campaign should show on the client’s end an increase in these searches thanks to the constant reinforcement of the brand as we deliver to audiences. For this reason, we are including our own analytics with our pixel containers going forward to allow us to review on our end, intangible benefits from Landmarks Digital.


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